Happy to learn: Why the world needs happy schools

Submitted by Pierre on Tue, 03/14/2023 - 09:20

On World Happiness Day, 20 March, UNESCO is hosting a webinar on national and international commitments to happiness as the foundation of quality lifelong learning. The Happy Schools initiative seeks to transform education systems to embrace the link between happiness, learning, and well-being.


WHO Academy Advisory Group on Lifelong Learning in Health

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Deadline: 31 October 2023, 24:00h (midnight) Geneva time

The World Health Organization (WHO) is seeking experts to serve as members of the WHO Academy Advisory Group on Lifelong Learning in Health. This “Call for experts” provides information about the advisory group in question, the expert profiles being sought, the process to express interest, and the process of selection.


Master class on Generative AI for Open Education by the World Education (3 November 2023)

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Advancements in technology offer new ways of generating and sharing open education resources. World Education’s open education initiative, CrowdED Learning, has applied innovative processes and tools to support sustainable OER access, use, and creation.

Master class on Data Science by International University of Applied Sciences

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📊 Unleash the Power of Data with the International University of Applied Sciences, a partner of the Global Learning House! Join our Master Class in Data Science with Prof. Dr. Markus Hemmer!
Discover how insights derived from data can shape decision-making and drive innovation. From data pre-processing and visualization to machine learning and ethical considerations, this master class is your gateway to unlocking the essential connection between science and data. 🌐💡

Global Media and Information Literacy Week 2022

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In Our Common Agenda, a report of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Mr António Guterres, twelve commitments were made by world leaders. Among these commitments, Mr Guterres highlighted the values of trust and solidarity as being the glue for social cohesion and social breakthroughs for the common good.

Going Global with the Happy Schools Framework

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In today's times of crisis, schools should pivot away from the pressures of exam performance towards a simple yet essential priority: happiness.

Happy teachers make happy learners, and a happy learner will keep learning.

Read more about how UNESCO's Happy Schools initiative prioritizes holistic school happiness to improve teaching, learning and well-being in the working paper: