Introduction to Robotics

Mobility, healthcare, agriculture and more – supply chains across the globe are becoming increasingly dependent on robotic technology. Robots are creating faster, more efficient ways to design, construct, monitor, inspect and transport with precision and agility. Robots may be programmed to take on many roles, yet industries still rely on talented professionals to design, test and build this technology and ensure safety and reliability. Robotics is a vast market that is rapidly growing, with tremendous career potential for those with the right expertise.

On successful completion, students will be able to:
▪ name important developments in the field of robotics.
▪ understand the mechanical structure and characteristics of robots.
▪ name characteristics and challenges of industrial robots.
▪ name characteristics and challenges of mobile robots.
▪ understand the role of robots in applications.
▪ name and understand current trends in the field of robotics.

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