How building with localization in mind helps scalability

August 30, 2021 - Última actualización: April 1, 2022

Curious Learning knows that children learn to read best in their mother tongue. Although this view is supported by research, in the rush to get our children learning a global language in school, we often skip over adequately ensuring that they have learnt to read in the language they speak. This is most common in multilingual countries and those with large migrant populations. 

Curious Learning has successfully built apps and learning content in over 50 languages by designing and creating content with localization and translation in mind from the outset. Curious Learning also follows the best practice of ensuring that all content is Open Source and Creative Commons (CC BY) to allow others to adapt and even expand content for their local contexts.

By making the content accessible and rapidly localizable, together with partners, our content is now available in over 75 languages, reaching over 3.5 learners in 195 countries.

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